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Empire of Dragons

By Rachel L. Schade

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A nun with a haunting past. A vigilante with questionable morals.

After slaying the former empress, Lo pledged herself as a nun and vowed to never kill again. But when a mysterious thief introduces her to his band of vigilantes, she discovers the empire's peace is false and her people are in danger. Determined to protect them, Lo works alongside the vigilantes by night and serves as a nun by day--spending more and more time with the thief who inspires forbidden feelings. As enmity in the empire rises and war looms on the horizon, Lo is left with a terrible choice: doom her people...or her own soul.

An empress with a deadly curse. A soldier with irresistible magic.

Since her mother's death, Jalie has been a hopeless prisoner in her own palace, an empress in name alone. Until she discovers a brutal power that could be the key to her freedom...if she can escape the handsome and infuriating soldier tasked with guarding her. When tension builds between them, he challenges everything she's ever believed about her enemies--and he claims her own mother was a monster. Soon, Jalie realizes the only way for her to escape captivity and protect her people may be to become a monster herself.

Save the empire...or let it burn.

This first book in a YA epic fantasy series is perfect for fans of swoon-worthy enemies to lovers and forbidden romance full of tension but not spice, and readers who crave fantasy worlds full of unique magic systems, morally grey characters, and political intrigue.

*Want to know which order to read Schade's books in? Chronologically, this series takes place after Schade's Silent Kingdom trilogy, but these new books can stand on their own.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages