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By Jean-Paul Badjo

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Konfaga Roots of a very old tree is a high fantasy YA book with a modern take on African mythology.

High school student, Marcus Jobda, has a bleak outlook on life. His only comforts being his best friend, Wen, and Girlfriend, Mia. After a mysterious confrontation with his father at school, he finds himself in the land of Kara. With a small band of determined adventurers and a robust magic system he must quickly learn, Marcus begins his search for his family, a way home, and simultaneously tries to discover the mystery of the disappearances or risks being trapped there forever.

He quickly finds himself roped into several events. From escaping Mamiwata, discovering legendary beasts, speaking to ancient spirits, and preventing wars between kingdom, he’ll need every edge his wits can give him to see the next day. However, the more he learns the less things appear as they seem.

But with this new life of adventure… Does he want to go back to his old life?

With hundreds of illustrations filled with clues of the history of the world, join Marcus as he attempts to solve this mystery. This YA/high fantasy story, with its robust magic system, overarching mystery, and distinct sense of humor, makes it a fun time for everyone.

Jean-Paul Badjo grew up in the United States, but immigrated from the West African country, Togo. This story is the culmination of his culture, life experiences, and imagination.


Book Length: 320-650 Pages


Jean-Paul Badjo