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The New-Blood Fairy

By Paola Sur

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She is destined to save the world. But how can she when she doesn't remember her own name?

After a coma lasting a hundred years, Ella wakes in a beautiful world filled with magic and impressive technology, surrounded by friends who love her and strangers who want the best for her. There's only one problem. She doesn't remember any of them, nor does she recall anything of her own life.

Before she can truly cope with the loss of her identity, Ella learns something even more petrifying. A monstrous witch has overtaken the world, enslaving the last remnants of humanity and raising an army of terrifying supernatural creatures. Everyone says Ella is fated to defeat her, but without her memories, Ella can't control her powers.

Some of her new allies support her, like the handsome, mysterious Leo or the charmingly eccentric Rebeca. Others stand against her, like the brash, attractive Alistair or the blunt, cold Althea. But regardless of their treatment, Ella must reach deep inside herself and discover her own strength. Only then can she become the New-Blood Fairy and prevent the world's destruction.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages