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Traveler, Viator's Challenge

By SD Schue

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Demons? What demons? Who has time for Demons?

Seventeen-year-old Sophie Irakoze leads a double life. On the surface she’s a regular high school girl facing the torment of bullies, but underneath she is a Viator: gifted with Angel-like powers but also able to maintain her human form.

The discovery of her extraordinary abilities brings Sophie both power and peril. As a Viator she can travel through spacetime and to other Realms, but she also becomes a target for Malum, a malevolent army led by Damian, a fallen Viator himself and Lucifer’s most powerful General. With stolen gifts and a thirst for destruction, the Malum threaten everything Sophie holds dear.

Embarking on a journey to fight against Demons, shield her loved ones, and thwart the sinister plans of the Malum, Sophie learns to control her abilities amidst the chaos. The fate of her missing parents hangs in the balance, driving her to unite with fellow Viatores and form strong bonds through relentless battles.

Can Sophie fully unlock her own potential to save the realms or will Malum plunge them all into eternal darkness?

Traveler, Viator’s Challenge is a gripping young adult urban fantasy where friendship, courage and an unwavering spirit collide, and the lines between ordinary and extraordinary blur.
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ISBN: 979-8-89109-954-8

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

SD Schue