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The Collector

By June Calva

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In the quaint yet somber town of Willow's End, shrouded in an aura of lingering mist and unsettling quietude, stands the Hawthorne Estate. Its towering presence casts long shadows over the history of the town, a chronicle rife with whispers of the otherworldly. Here, the Hawthorne family, led by David and Helen, finds their new abode, accompanied by their twin daughters, Aria and Ariel, and their intrepid younger brother, Max.

The estate, with its labyrinthine passageways and dust-laden chambers, holds a peculiar fascination for the twins-a fascination that turns to trepidation as they stumble upon a collection of dolls. These are no ordinary playthings but receptacles of souls, each a tragic participant in an occult legacy left by the enigmatic Morgana, whose very name evokes a hushed fear among the elder townsfolk.

What eldritch truths do the whispering walls of the estate conceal? What becomes of the cursed souls and their porcelain guardians when the rite is disrupted? These questions are the very essence of the tale spun within the pages of "The Collector," a mystery not fully disclosed, for the depth of the manor's secrets is a well far deeper than any might fathom.

Tread lightly, dear reader, through the arcane narrative that unfolds-For within the story of the Hawthornes and their entanglement with Morgana's legacy, lies a darkness to be explored with caution, and an adventure that is just beginning to stir from its ancient slumber.
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ISBN: 9798224645107

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