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The Rise of Nicolaitanes

By Pam Funke

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Fans of Davinci Code, Babylon, and The Left Behind series may enjoy this series!

Deception. Political Corruption. Faith.

In a post-apocalyptic world, where every new day fulfills another prophecy from the book of Revelation, Serenity Lambert must choose a path. Will she go along with the majority or stand up for that which is good? A voice tells her to join a covert group in a military op, despite her better judgment, she agrees. She should have known better though, right? There's no way you would be so gullible as to fall for the wiles of The Voice or would you? There's no way you would never fall for the lies of someone or something so evil, right? Well, Serenity didn't think she would either. Life as she knows it is about to change forever. If she can't get out, her life will be in danger. But is that more important than losing one's soul?

A mysterious voice suggests to General Alexander Ludlow that a military op would bring an end to the world's evil. Things must get worse before they can get better. Isn't that the way of the world? Feeling overwhelmed by the loss of so many of his troops over the years, Alexander enacts Operation Dark Angel. Once he is onboard, the voice gathers together a most unusual group of people to ensure Operation Dark Angel's success. What role will it play in bringing about the rise of Nicolaitanes Balac

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