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A Noble Cause: An Honorable Man Will Uphold a Noble Cause

By Norma Jean Lutz

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Question: What’s a skateboarder’s worst nightmare?
Answer: Having no concrete on which to skate!
Which is exactly what happens to 15-year-old Jaden Cavell.

First, Jaden’s dad loses his job at the Detroit auto plant. Then they lose their house. Then they spend a night in a homeless shelter.

And when things can’t get any worse, they wind up in a small house in Shappaway, Oklahoma, where Jaden’s father accepts a job in a fertilizer plant—with the help of his obnoxious brother-in-law, Burley Jack. (Father of Jaden’s obnoxious cousin, Claude Lee.)

Jaden tangles with his bully cousin and his cousin’s two sidekicks, whom Jaden quickly dubs the Three Stooges.

It’s 1976, the hottest, driest summer in 50 years. Jaden hates the place, hates the people, and hates his life.
Then he meets a Choctaw Indian named Martin Greyfox, and his life will never be the same.


ISBN: 978-1-947397-02-6

Book Length: 150-320 Pages