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The Punisher

By Frank Wheeler

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Fred “Mad Dog” Tonks worked hard to turn his life around after his family was savagely murdered in front of him. He vowed to find the men who did it, and six years later, he’s still looking. Though now he has a sheriff’s badge to help him.

A string of recent murders around Tightwater, Texas is providing new clues. And they’re leading Fred in a direction he never thought he’d go.
Texas Ranger Huxley Skinner only kills criminals. Or at least, that’s what he tells himself. Sometimes there are innocent casualties, but that’s the price of fighting a war. Every crime demands punishment, and every punishment is the same—death.

It’s not his fault that Fred Tonks’ family got in the way and had to be dealt with. In the end, his murders are about justice. Even if he’s the only one who sees them that way.
Now that Fred is onto Skinner and his men, it makes him Skinner’s newest—and greatest—enemy.
Fred won’t stop until justice is served, and Skinner won’t stop until Fred is buried.
Can Fred put an end to Skinner’s crime spree, or will he end up one of his victims?
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Frank Wheeler