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The White Rose

By Robert Webber

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“If you are among the roses, your friends will
look for you among the thorns.”

November 1939.  Stalin has signed a non-aggression pact with
Hitler and is focusing on reclaiming the former Grand Duchy of Finland.   Alex Carlton is sent undercover as a Swedish
newspaper correspondent to monitor the developing situation and report back to
MI2, in London.

As the Soviet bombers drop their bombs on
Helsinki, Alex arrives in Finland and soon finds
himself embroiled in the political and military efforts of a small
Baltic state facing the might of Russia. 
He is captivated by the sheer determination of the Finnish people and
the skill and mastery of their military leaders as they defend their country
against overwhelming odds, inflicting devastating casualties on the Soviet aggressor.

For the 105 days that the war lasted, Alex
faces danger and risk, and after it is
all over, he discovers that life is even more
complicated when the country is at peace.

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ISBN: 978-1800461178

Book Length: 150-320 Pages