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Teddy's War

By Robert Webber

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service operates in the background, and now it appears that there may be
lurking in that milieu a malevolent spirit that we need to flush out…”

June 1940. 
The fledgeling Air Transport Auxiliary is rocked by a scandal that has
the potential of grounding the service before it has fully developed its wings.
Teddy Carlton is approached by the acquaintance of an old school friend to help
resolve the issue and thus embarks on a journey that sees her engaged in some
of the most exciting work that a woman was able to perform in wartime.

Her voyage sees Teddy embroiled in the secret
world of espionage while exploiting her nascent skills in flying until she
becomes one of the country’s top ferry pilots and a respected agent of the
Security Service.  Heartache and joy are
her constant companions throughout her service, but the love for her family and
her country keeps Teddy focused on the ultimate goal – the defeat of Nazi

…and her husband only knew the half of it.

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ISBN: 978-1-800-46607-4

Book Length: 150-320 Pages