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Vestige in Time: The Complete Christian Time Travel Series

By Sara Blackard

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Four Christian time travel romances by Sara Blackard.

Visit the wilderness of the Colorado Rockies as the Thomas family embrace the impossible to discover all God has in store for them. Fall in love with these riveting tumbles through time and space.

Vestige of Power
Joseph, a man of the wilderness … thrown into the wilds of the city. Can Joseph and Victoria look past those grasping for power around them to their true destinies or will the shadows of doubt keep them from all God means for them?

Vestige of Hope
Thrown out of his element into a time not his own, Hunter Bennett must overcome his doubts to save the life he never knew he wanted. Viola Thomas’s idyllic life in the new state of Colorado is shattered when her father fails to return from his winter trapping trip in the Rocky Mountains and a man tumbles into her life from the future. Now she must trust a man from a world far from her own.

Vestige of Legacy
When Samara McKenna is violently attacked and somehow ends up one hundred and forty years in the past, it appears her dreams for the future have once again been ripped from her. While trekking through the Coloradan Rockies in 1879, Orlando Thomas finds a wounded woman. As he races to save her from the harsh wilderness bent on destroying them, he hopes his failures of the past don’t catch up to them. 

Vestige of Courage
Beatrice Thomas lives a simple life on an isolated mountain homestead in 1879 Colorado, but she prays for a life of adventure. When Chase Bennett stumbles upon the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen in the middle of the woods, she provides a distraction he doesn’t need. As their friendship grows, Beatrice is bewildered by the complicated lives of those in a modern-day world. The adventure she longed for may be more than she can handle. Torn between the past and the promise of a better future, can Beatrice move forward and grasp the vestige of courage that’s buried deep within her?

If you like page-turning adventure, fascinating characters, and engaging stories of triumph, you'll love Sara Blackard's unique time travel series.

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Book Length: 650+ Pages

Sara Blackard