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The Perilous Road To Her

By N.L. Blandford

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A gripping tale of fear, longing and determination as one woman tries to survive the world of those who also kidnapped her sister.

In The Perilous Road to Her, N.L Blandford takes us on a woman’s harrowing journey to find her missing sister.

Olivia Beaumont, a Detective in the Toronto Police Service, finds herself dreading calls from her older sister Claire. Olivia’s attempts to help Claire fight her drug addiction have only been met with refusals. Ready to walk away, and let Claire hit ‘rock bottom’, Olivia is drawn back when she learns Claire is missing.

Determined to find Claire, Olivia goes on the hunt for those who have taken her. However, the perpetrators have other plans. Suddenly, Olivia feels the prick of a needle in her neck and her world goes black. When she wakes up she has been transported into the underworld of human trafficking. Greed and sex surround her as she is forced to work for the monsters who have built an empire on the desperate and unlucky.

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ISBN: 978-1777660123

Book Length: 150-320 Pages