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The Perilous Road to Freedom

By N.L. Blandford

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In The Perilous Road to Freedom, the anticipated sequel to The Perilous Road to Her, N.L. Blandford takes us on Olivia Beaumont’s harrowing journey to find herself and her freedom.

A survivor of William Hammond’s human trafficking ring, Olivia Beaumont longs to forget the past five months. Pregnant, and scared of the ties her past will have to her future, Olivia will need more than denial to battle the monsters of her nightmares, and fate.

Right outside Olivia’s apartment door stands a past she thought was dead and gone. A past believed to have been killed with her own two hands. A past that forces her back into a world of power, greed and manipulation.

Will Olivia’s stubbornness and determination be enough for her to be able to fight the monsters around her, and those in her head, to retake her freedom?

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ISBN: 978-1777660161

Book Length: 150-320 Pages

N.L. Blandford