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Vanished in a Heartbeat

By Hiliary Amanda

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★★★★★ "An all too real glimpse into life!" - Reader Review

Lucas Ferguson, a workaholic, high-profile criminal defense attorney, goes missing while on an extended weekend family vacation in the gorgeous mountains of Tennessee, with his wife and children. His wife Abigail is left grappling for answers while making it her mission to find her husband, even while fearing for her and her children's safety.

Desperate for assistance Abigail enlists her best friend to make the journey and rush down with her husband, to come and help her in her search.

A small-town local police officer, with very few clues to go on, launches an investigation into the missing father that uncovers secrets that the family man wanted to stay hidden. When his focus turns onto Abigail, she finds herself in a fight to defend her innocence and protect her children from the rumors beginning to surface.

Meanwhile, when Lucas attempts to escape his captivity alive and get back to his family before anything happens to them, he is injured and forced to endure further torture until he can formulate a plan of action. Can he figure out who is holding him hostage and why? Will he ever see his family again? 

The dramatic twist changes everything for the entire family-forever.

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ISBN: 9780578383644

Book Length: 150-320 Pages