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Silent Church (Island River Tales Book 1)

By Mark Canniff

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Pastors don’t believe in ghosts.

Pastor Timothy O’Malley disappeared without a trace. The creaky old church he left behind stood deserted for years, and slowly that fateful day faded in the minds of the townsfolk – just another unresolved mystery in the small and peculiar town of Island River.

From the moment Pastor John stepped foot inside the dilapidated church, he knew something felt wrong. As a man of devout faith, he was never one to give much credit to tall tales of ghosts and spirits… but there was something about the derelict building that made him think twice.

And after he makes an unusual discovery, he begins to unravel the truth behind the untimely disappearance of his predecessor – along with the sinister secrets that are lurking just out of sight…

Step into a frightening paranormal suspense short story that explores the eerie and unsettling world of Island River. As the disturbing prequel to the Island River Tales series, this small and creepy book will delight readers who love spine-chilling supernatural horror. Scroll up and grab your copy now to begin – if you dare…


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Book Length: 0-60 Pages

Mark Canniff