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Something Different

By Steve Jones

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Life seemed so predicable; marriage, mortgage, steady job and a pension but then it all changed and suddenly it wasn't predictable any more. After my world had been turned upside down I travelled to Thailand hoping to be rejuvenated under the tropical sun but instead I found something different. After a chance encounter with a mysterious woman in a seedy hotel room, I first became a partner in a very unusual business and then a fugitive, on the run accompanied by four bar girls, a lady boy and a pig. It was a journey that would take me through the world of adult entertainment, across Thailand and to Japan. On the way I would encounter the secret services, Russian arms dealers, the Japanese Mafia, an Irish cowboy, a man in a diaper, sex, drugs and country and western music. People would get shot, some people would get spanked, a pig would get cooked and those who got lucky would get laid. It was a journey which would change my life forever, it was truly something different. With adult humour and some strong language.

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ASIN: 9781005769031

Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Steve Jones