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Sticks and Stones

By Thomas LeBrun

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This action thriller is a complex story of three people, their lives, work, and adventures, and what brought them together. The story opens up when an explosion happens at an exclusive hotel in New York City. Raines, the protector, gets his client to safety while his family happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Casualties of the explosion. As a result, his life became one of despair, solitude, training, and revenge. The main character is Cameron Stone, another protector, lives with his girlfriend, Sara. Cameron gets called away on protection assignments, and Sara trains in Martial Arts and Parkour  (free-running) while he’s out. While Cameron’s security details get more complex and deadly, Raines is on the other side of the globe, training mainly with Tosh, a Japanese master in the Martial arts, and trying to find himself again and his purpose in life. As time passes and the ebb and flow of violent encounters continue while on assignments, both Cameron Stone and Raines find out they are battling the same evil duo but for different reasons. And when their timelines co-mingle, a climactic battle ensues, and not everyone is left unscathed.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages