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Not In All My...

By K. L. Bedwell

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Most of us don't wake up to the prospect of dying that very same day. Yet, for Mark Collins, this mindset becomes a regular occurrence. Another normality in his day-to-day life as a first responder.

If the constant threat of death isn't tying enough, Mark battles his way through family issues alongside workplace drama. And with each new day, he's forced to question his sanity and career path.

Family relations? It's hard to explain why you can't make their soccer game to a nine-year-old. Or why your chair sits empty for the fifth year in a row at Thanksgiving. And no amount of reasoning can comfort a spouse left with nothing but a pillow to hold on those long, unknowing nights.

Companionship? Those individuals outside Mark's career field never truly understand the camaraderie. The trust held in his teammates compares to no other. And contending with inept leadership in the workplace only tests a team's bonds.

Alone time? It happens. Not too often, but it happens. With limited time around those you love, pushing to find time for yourself becomes taxing.

Dark humor? Trust me, there's a solid reason it exists.

Despite the hardships of the job, Mark keeps sight of three beacons that hold him true to his principles. His wife, daughter, and teammates. And he soon finds that he needs their support more than ever before. His department receives word that they will participate in an emergency readiness exercise. An exercise Mark finds stacked against him and his team from the start. An evaluation that will decide the fate of his department. 


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

K. L. Bedwell