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Tokyo Zangyo (Detective Hiroshi Series Book 4)

By Michael Pronko

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In Tokyo, your job can kill

After a top-tier manager in Japan's premier media company ends up dead in front of company headquarters, Detective Hiroshi enters the high-pressure, hard-driving world of Tokyo's large corporations. Hiroshi quickly finds out the manager fell from the roof at the exact same spot as an employee suicide three years before.

With little more to go on, Hiroshi can't tell if the manager's death was a guilt-ridden suicide, a careless accident, or a grisly personnel decision. The only certainty is that Japanese workplaces rely on "zangyo," unpaid overtime that drives employees to quit—or to kill.

Teaming up with his mentor Takamatasu, Hiroshi scours the off-record spending, lavish entertaining and unspoken agreements that keep Japan, Inc. running with brutal efficiency. Working overtime himself, Hiroshi probes the dark heart of Japanese business, a place he's tried to avoid all his life.

Zangyo is the fourth in the Detective Hiroshi series.

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ASIN: B0964KJH49

Book Length: 320-650 Pages