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Indigo: Case Fifteen: A Lt. Kate Gazzara Novel (The Lt. Kate Gazzara Murder Files Book 15)

By Blair Howard

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What happened to 17-year-old Indigo Salazar?

They found her in the trunk of an abandoned car with her throat slit.

Why did she have to die? Who killed her?

It was Sunday, Cpt. Kate Gazzara’s day off, but with Samson at her side, she and her team must sort through the shady underworld of the city and what little evidence there is to try to find the truth. What she finds is a bunch of seedy characters, more questions and few answers.

Indigo’s father, a prominent pediatric surgeon, is more hinderance than help.

But what would you do if someone murdered your teenage daughter?

Was it a kidnapping gone wrong? Was it a revenge killing? Did Indigo see something she wasn’t supposed to? Or was it simply a case of wrong place, wrong time?

Will Kate and her team be able to close this file and bring her killer to justice?

Ride along on another riveting case with Cpt. Kate Gazzara and her canine partner, Samson.


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Book Length: 320-650 Pages