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Junie Jamieson, Snoopy Reporter

By Pat Powers

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When crusading reporter/blogger Junie Jamieson eavesdrops on the crime boss of Century City to get the goods on his bike path scam, she’s caught. The crime boss turns her over to his whorehouse madam Nikki Sexy, to teach Junie the consequences of snooping on important mobsters.

Nikki, whose whorehouse specializes in serving the needs of kinky customers, has all sorts of consequences planned for Junie in no time. The bondage skills the whorehouse staff has developed to keep submissive customers totally restrained also works to keep Junie totally restrained. She’s kept in strict bondage while her virginity is sold off as the prize in an unusual strip club contest, and she’s also bound and often gagged as she’s used by the whorehouse/strip club’s customers, sometimes onstage.

To make things even worse, Junie discovers a taste for submission, bondage and humiliation inside her, so that she enjoys much of what occurs to her against her every rational conviction. To make things even worse than worse, Nikki Sexy has detected Junie’s taste for submission, bondage and humiliation and is determined to transform proud, independent Junie into her simpering love slave. And worst of all, Junie feels the pull of Nikki’s dominance, even though Junie prefers to submit to the bondage of dominant men.

Will naked, bound and gagged Junie ever escape Nikki’s evil clutches and get back to the life of cycling, blogging and being a crusader that she loves? And how will her experiences change her, if she survives? And what part does Junie's deceased editor/publisher grandfather Jebediah Jamieson play in all this?

This story includes a happy ever after (HEA) ... of sorts.

You’ll just have to read the story to find out. This novel is over 57,000 words long and is set in the present day.

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ISBN: 9781005937522

Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Pat Powers