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A Seed for Murder: A Joey Mancuso, Father O'Brian Crime Mystery Book 11

By Owen Parr

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In a matter of minutes, they ruled Myrna Tucker's death a suicide. But one must ask, did the detective assigned to the case conduct a thorough investigation? If not, why not?

In his latest addition to the acclaimed Mancuso and O'Brian Crime Mysteries series, author Owen Parr plunges readers into the world of industrial espionage and murder. A Seed for Murder delves into the timely and gripping subject of genetically modified crops, exposing a tangled web of deceit and greed that is ripped straight from today's headlines. As with all of Parr's works, the truth may not be apparent at first glance, making for yet another page-turner.

Did Myrna Tucker really commit suicide, or was foul play involved? As the Head Researcher for NuvoSeed, an agricultural firm specializing in genetically infused seeds, she was on the cusp of a revolutionary discovery that could change the industry forever. However, NuvoSeed has noticed several breaches in their computer servers and fears their intellectual property is being stolen, possibly by an insider. With the company on the brink of a lucrative sale, is NuvoSeed hiding the truth about Myrna's death and the server breaches from the acquiring company? Could they be utilizing Mancuso and his team under a non-disclosure agreement to keep the details under wraps?

Enter the dynamic duo of Mancuso and O'Brian Investigative Services. This diverse team comprises former NYPD homicide detective, Joey Mancuso, and Father Dominic O'Brian, the pastor at St. Helens in Brooklyn and Joey's half-brother. Both licensed private detectives, they are tasked with investigating the theft of intellectual property and the possible murder of Myrna Tucker. The team is further bolstered by the inclusion of Joey's wife, Marcy Martinez, a retired FBI agent from the White Crimes Division in New York, as well as African American Lucy Roberts, Joey's former partner and mentor at the NYPD.

In addition to these seasoned veterans, the team also includes fresh talent in the form of Jimmy Johnson, also known as JJ, an eighteen-year-old African American computer genius and hacker, who works alongside Agnes Smith Persopoulus, a skilled computer researcher. With their offices situated in an Irish Pub and Cigar Bar in the financial district of New York City, a venue that has been in the O'Brian family since 1948, the team's eclectic makeup is further emphasized.

Fans of crime mysteries and esteemed authors such as James Patterson, Nelson DeMille, Michael Connelly, and Lee Child will surely be captivated by Mancuso and his team.


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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Owen Parr