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The Man From Afghanistan: An International Adventure

By A Aithal

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Terence Collins, the US Representative for California’s 45th Congressional District, is a war hawk in Orange County in Southern California. He is ambitious and moving on up in the world. Will he accomplish his political ambition and complete his goal, or will he be stopped dead in his tracks?
Politics, parties, and assassination sometimes go hand in hand.

Talib is an American born and raised a US Citizen. What happens when his country turns against him after 9/11 when America begins targeting people with a dark complexion and a Muslim name?

Detective Anthony Ramirez, a ten-year veteran of the Newport Beach Police Department, when called in to solve the latest murder, never suspects that the trail will lead him halfway around the world. Can the detective catch his man?

Follow the detective as he chases Talib around the world.

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A Aithal