By Christopher Baldi

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Back in the day, SAL PEPITONE had some dangerous connections in the New Jersey underworld. Now, Sal is 76 years old with eight strokes under his belt. His one big regret is how he left things back in 1979. That was the summer that Sal was sent to the wealthy island town of Port Hannasquat with a sinister agenda. EVELYN PARKS is respected, successful, happily unmarried and still gorgeous. But she always had a wild side, along with an extraordinary gift, one that tells her things she couldn't possibly know. MICHAEL is Sal's grandson. He's not exactly the law-breaking type. But Sal has only four days left to live, a loaded .38, and a hidden fortune courtesy of the late Frank Sinatra. RICKY is Michael's best friend. She's heard nothing but trouble about Sal. But she's always down for an adventure, and she's a sucker for epic, scandalous, starry-eyed romance.

So Michael and Ricky team up to give Sal a midnight lift to Port Hannasquat, with no idea of the trouble that lies ahead. And considering Sal is technically an escaped con, this little road trip could get awfully bumpy...


Book Length: 150-320 Pages