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Fagin's Folly: A British Crime Thriller (Summary Justice series Book 2)

By Theo Harris

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Who is bankrolling a spate of vicious knifepoint robberies in East London – and why?

A series of violent robberies where the victims are left scarred for life.
A gang that wants the world to know who they are.
A police service that are baffled, with no clues as to the identities of the perpetrators.

DC Kendra March decides to investigate further — in her own unique way, alongside her criminally connected father and skilled ex-police partner. Together they must discover the identities of the gang and stop them before they kill.

They soon discover that this gang is not your typical inner-city gang, there is something much more sinister afoot and only Kendra and her team can put things right — before London, and the rest of the country, burns.

‘Fagin’s Folly’ Book 2 of the ‘Summary Justice’ series with DC Kendra March.

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Theo Harris