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STONE COLD: A Cameron Stone Action Thriller

By Thomas LeBrun

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Raines and Cameron Stone, with members of the NYPD, have successfully thwarted an attempt to blow up New York City's infrastructure. Raines and Cameron are protectors; they fight alongside counter-terrorist agents and members of the New York City Police Department in a concerted effort to save New York. The battle did not come without a price. Raines was shot in the head. Cameron's girlfriend Sara, who's full-term with his child, was rushed to the hospital after being hit with a poison-tipped bullet. Both sides lost good men; the remaining terrorists escaped or were arrested.

After believing Sara has died; Cameron leaves the hospital in an emotionally dark place. He wants to find those who are responsible and make them pay. His otherwise stable, tactical demeanor has been overpowered by a hunter out for revenge. In other words, he has gone "Stone Cold."

Cameron's stepbrother Michael is in touch, helping him regain his focus and return to his training mode. Staying out of harm's way, the party continues to move the injured to different locations while their antagonists, teams from the Far East, multiply. The enemy aims to take Raines and Cameron out once and for all in a climactic fight to the finish. A mysterious visitor, a sadistic psychopathic fighter, and a computer whiz make "Stone Cold " an action thriller not to be missed.
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Thomas LeBrun