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HADES' GATE (Code Name: Intrepid Book 4)

By Robert J. Mendenhall

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June 1934. A British Royal Air Force pilot enters a strange, spatial rift near the Scottish coast and comes out near Florida—more than 3600 miles away. A U.S. Navy submarine is sucked into the same anomaly and lost with all hands. When Rick Justice and Intrepid enter the rift in search of the sub and it's crew, they encounter characters and creatures straight out of Greek mythology, and two enemies from their past bent on stealing a mythological weapon capable of shifting the balance of power in the real world. Unless Intrepid can stop them before time runs out.

HADES' GATE. Book four in the Code Name: Intrepid adventure series. The Nation turns to Intrepid, because extraordinary threats require extraordinary measures.
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Robert J. Mendenhall