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CASE VIOLET (Code Name: Intrepid Book 5)

By Robert J. Mendenhall

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May 1935. From the icy shore of Greenland to the lush rain forest of Brazil, Rick Justice and Intrepid are hot on the trail of a Nazi organization creating a gruesome superweapon capable of inflicting unimaginable suffering and a slow, grizzly death. But each time the team closes in on them, the villains escape. All signs point to the deployment of the weapon against Americans on U.S. soil. But where? And when? Unless Intrepid can find a way to neutralize the threat in time, tens of thousands will face an agonizing end.

CASE VIOLET. Book five in the Code Name: Intrepid adventure series. The nation turns to Intrepid, because extraordinary threats require extraordinary measures.
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ISBN: 978-1-954678-16-3

Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Robert J. Mendenhall