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SECRET MISSIONS (Code Name: Intrepid)

By Robert J. Mendenhall

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In the turbulent 1930s, a madman begins a calculated and ruthless rise to power that would, in the span of a decade, plunge the entire world into global conflict. In his quest, he deploys a secret squadron to exploit the occult and supernatural, develop devastating weapons of war, and create bizarre, unnatural soldiers. To protect the United States from these terrifying threats, an elite task force is formed, code named Intrepid and led by Lieutenant Colonel Rick Justice, U.S. Army Air Corps.

Secret Missions: five stories of the Intrepid team as they battle mutants, witches, werewolves, and more.

The stakes are high; the risks are great. The consequences for failure—catastrophic.
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Robert J. Mendenhall