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Ruthless Heir

By Roma James

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In my world, you don’t ask for what you want. You take it.


My father built an empire, and he gave me the tools I needed to take over one day.
Power. Instinct. Ruthlessness.
Now that day has come, and my first order of business as Pakhan of the Sokolov Bratva is marrying the daughter of Egor Baranov, sworn enemy of my family.
The last thing I want is to play house with some spoiled little dancer, but I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my father’s legacy.
Annika Baranov is about to learn that when I’m the one giving orders, everyone falls in line.
Because I was born to rule this city, and there was only ever one way to do it — with an iron fist.


My path was always clear: escape Las Vegas, move to New York, live happily ever after as a professional ballerina.
My father had other plans.
Even for a man as cruel and calculating as Egor Baranov, handing your daughter over to a hardened criminal to suit your own business needs is low. But that’s exactly what he did.
Now, I’m at the mercy of the heartless Mikhail Sokolov, a man I know I should fear and despise, despite my heart — and my body — insisting the opposite.
But I’ve spent my life being controlled, and I won’t bend to his will. I won’t let him own me.
Even if part of me wants him to do just that.

***Ruthless Heir is the first installment in the Sokolov Bratva series, an enemies-to-lovers, arranged marriage, mafia romantic suspense.***

ASIN: B0B39P46V5

Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Roma James