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Chasing the Wicked: A captivating crime thriller (Vanished Series Book 4)

By D.J. Maughan

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Peter’s back in Hungary, but now what? The head of the human trafficking syndicate doesn’t know Peter is back, but pressure is mounting, and he has a plan.

After solving the mystery of his wife’s murder, Peter Andrassy, a native Hungarian and former NYC detective, is back in Budapest. The leader of the trafficking organization is powerful and vindictive and wants him dead. The traffickers are targeting Peter’s friends and allies, including the intoxicating Zsuzsa. Peter knows he needs to protect them without revealing his return. How will he save himself and his friends and stop the trafficking?

Buy Chasing the Wicked today and learn if Peter can halt the corruption.
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

D.J. Maughan