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The Killer's Home

By AJ Carter

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Do you really know your neighbours?

Once again, my irresponsible sister has instantly fallen for the wrong guy. Rook seems like the perfect man on first meeting, but even I can see there’s something evil behind his eyes.

And I’m right. It’s been two days since Fern went into his house, and nobody has heard from her since. My husband thinks I’m paranoid, and my neighbours are so obsessed by Rook that they can’t see past their attraction to him. I’m completely and utterly alone in this.

But it gets worse. Not only does he reveal himself to be the man I think he is, but the mystery of my vanishing sister only deepens. The police find nothing wrong, and the neighbours refuse to help, but I know he was the last person to see her. All I can do is take it into my own hands.

And hope I don’t find her dead.

THE KILLER’S HOME is the new psychological thriller from Bristol author AJ Carter, whose books are bursting with mystery, danger, and multiple dark twists.


Book Length: 320-650 Pages


AJ Carter