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Hunting Tesla: The Hunt for Nikola Tesla's secret of free energy

By Bert Janssen

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Hunting Tesla is an intriguing and mind-blowing action thriller that follows the odyssey of Dr. Ir. Hans Nieuwdorp, an introverted Dutch physicist, who becomes entangled in a perilous quest to uncover the elusive secret of Nikola Tesla’s mysterious free energy.

As his personal life crumbles, Nieuwdorp delves deeper into the maze of secrets surrounding Tesla and finds himself caught in a high-stakes game. Energy moguls and secret services such as the Dutch AIVD, the Russian FSB, and the Chinese MSS emerge as ruthless adversaries, forcing Nieuwdorp to fight for his life while simultaneously trying to unravel Tesla’s well-kept secret and make it available to the world.

This gripping and captivating story about the dark sides and shadowy realms of greed and lust for power in battle with the unexpected forces that lie hidden in equality and cooperation, poses the all-important question of whether humanity is really ready for such a miraculous gift as free energy.
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages