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Angel's Legacy - Linc Malloy Book 5

By Domenick Venezia

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Angel's Legacy - An International Action Thriller of Evil Uncles, Drug Lords, and Little Girls

2021 CIBA Series Award Finalist for Global Thriller High Stakes Fiction

Twelve-year-old orphan, Angela Puentes, has a secret. A secret even she does not know she holds.

After Angela’s perilous rescue from human traffickers in New Mexico, Linc Malloy and his clan attempt to adopt her into their family. Tragically, her US asylum application is denied. She is captured and returned to her uncle in Guatemala.

As her uncle and his men desperately search for the secret she unknowingly holds, Angela is held a virtual prisoner at his luxurious highland hacienda. A cushy prison is still a prison, and trapped behind a high wall with an army of guards, she yearns to be reunited with the Malloys.

A grievous fate awaits little Angela should her uncle uncover the truth.

With a tiny bush plane, a dubious ally, a battered teddy bear, and more guts than sense, ex-Air Force pilot Lincoln James Malloy and his crew chief, Marshall Grahame, risk their lives and freedom to save little Angela before her secret is revealed.

From the rolling hills of northeast Washington State, over subtropical seas, and across Central American skies, they daringly descend into Guatemala’s high country. Slogging through wet cloud forests, facing a private army, and dodging a CIA rogue, they struggle once again to rescue a young girl who has stolen their hearts and to uncover Angel’s Legacy.


ISBN: 9798986267548

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages