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When Birds Fall Silent

By Shana Frost

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A cold case threatens to shatter Callan’s career.

Blaine Macgregor vanished on a summer’s night fifteen years ago. Now, DI Callan Cameron is investigating his case one last time. But for Callan it means unearthing a bygone summer he’d rather forget.

Amateur sleuth Aileen Mackinnon overhears a guest’s puzzling conversation and can’t stop asking questions. Is she being duped again? With Callan refusing to open up about his case, Aileen needs a distraction. What better than a case of her own?
As Aileen and Callan balance on a thin rope of betrayal and trust, one question haunts them: Is Blaine still alive?
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ISBN: 978-93-5493-253-3

Book Length: 150-320 Pages