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Forged in Fire

By Barry Nadel

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"In 'Forged in Fire,' Yoshua's explosive revelation accuses the Vatican of Prof. Yaroni's murder, sending global shockwaves. New lives emerge, including Yerachmiel Tzioni, Prince Avigdor Yaroni, and Sarah Arieli. Follow Danny and Yossie's coming-of-age journey.

Elisha unveils the hidden power behind Daniel's name, leading him to the King's Guard and Yael Pasnari. Michal Ben Shimon enlists ailing Alberto to thwart Papal attacks.

Muglar Tzurel's chilling sacrifice targets Elisha's siblings, resulting in tragedy. Sarah dies burned to death, but serenely in her brother Danny's arms.

As Queen Chana yields to Yona, a shocking drone assault on Hebrew University triggers betrayal, sacrifice, and redemption in this gripping tale."
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