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By KyAnn Waters

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I hate the Heller Raiders. They betrayed my brother, taking his cut, his bike, and his patch because he chose me over them when our parents died. Back then I was just a teenager crushing on his best friend, but I was too young for the hot bad boy, Blade. I never expected to see him again. He shouldn’t feel this good. I shouldn’t feel this good. Three years ago, I’d loved him. I’m afraid I still do.


Hana Vance is my best friend’s sister. Off limits. But he’s not in the MC anymore and she’s grown up. A badass, tattooed hell raiser. I want her on the back of my bike and in my bed, but my life is a wreck, and my club is on self-destruct. I’m going to break promises. My loyalty is going to be challenged. The MC has rules, but I'm done obeying them.

Heller Raiders MC romance series. Bad boy bikers, dangerous drama, and lots of steamy sex. These are gritty stories including violence, drug use and graphic language. Get ready for a wild ride. Some readers may find content disturbing.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages


KyAnn Waters