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By Miles A. Maxwell

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"Maybe this great novel will help people understand what's really going on."

Have you been chronically ill but don't know why?

doctors tested for every conceivable ailment, without producing a
treatable diagnosis, only to finally claim: "It's all in your head!" Do
you strongly suspect they're wrong --

It's time to read Miles A. Maxwell's new mystery-thriller VIBRATE!

New York City billionaires die mysteriously, one after another, their
desperate loved ones turn to former FBI Agent Naomi Soul and her
associate Chloe Brown. Naomi and Chloe don’t know what to think. Are
these victims really dying of natural causes? Older victims survive, yet
younger ones perish. Are these deaths the result of a never-before-seen
disease? Some of the victims were in excellent health. Are they
actually being assassinated by a new weapon disguised as something
ordinary, jacked up to hideous levels? The symptoms are so strange,
Naomi isn't sure herself it's murder. If these wealthy socialites really
are being murdered, the killers may get off scot-free.

astonishing and almost unstoppable truth is revealed. In hot pursuit,
Naomi fights to take the killers down before the they can supplant
humans as the dominant life form on the planet.

Miles A. Maxwell’s groundbreaking novel Vibrate explores the beginning of that end, what we might or might not do to change the future, and what you can do about it personally.

"If ANY of my books should be available in paper, it's this one. It is!"


Book Length: 150-320 Pages