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Quinn: An Urban Fantasy (Circle of Assassins Book 2)

By Ann Gimpel

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The only constant in my long life is murder. Assassin for hire, to put a finer point on it.

I’m an earth wizard. Usually, we’re on the peaceful side. Not sure what happened to me, but I never fit in with my kinsmen. They’d have chased me out of the fold—for obvious reasons—but I saved them the trouble. I left on my own. The same way I left the Circle of Assassins because it was too tame for my taste. Or maybe too structured.

Along with my bondmate, an oversized eagle, I’ve been playing fast and loose with the rules forever. Of course, the rules have changed, but I’ve rolled with the punches. Never found a policy I couldn’t manipulate to my advantage.

There’s an old saying about life coming full circle. It’s about to snatch me up and spit me out. I can run, but there’s nowhere far enough to hide from what I am or the Circle of Assassins.

My first home.

My first nemesis.

Grigori said I’d be back. How in the hell could he have known?

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages