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Illicit Trade

By Michael Niemann

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In a world of uncertainty and greed, anything can be bought and sold.
Including hope. Someone is offering money and forged immigration
documents to those willing to risk everything for a better future.
United Nations investigator Valentin Vermeulen is assigned to expose the
culprit. But when two Kenyan men using forged documents are found dead,
Vermeulen knows he’s stumbled into something far worse than fraud.

Teaming up with small-time hustler Earle Jackson—who robbed one of
the dying Kenyans, discovering vital clues—Valentin learns at least one
death was at the orders of a mysterious person known as The Broker. As
the evidence leads Vermeulen to Newark and then Vienna, and Jackson
flees to Nairobi using a dead man’s passport, they uncover an illicit
network dealing in human depravity. And those behind it are waiting to
take them apart piece by piece…

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ISBN: 1603815899

Book Length: 60-150 Pages