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Future Virus: ...an Alex Green action thriller! (Alex Green - SAS Soldier Book 1)

By Gordon Clark

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A fast paced
military thriller.

"It's time that we tried to work
together," the Russian President told his UK counterpart through the
handset. Strange times made for strange bedpartners the Prime Minister decided
silently. "Yes," he finally agreed, wondering where this would lead.

Alex Green is tasked to lead a near suicidal
mission to South Africa in an attempt to open dialogue with a lost country, one
of many nations that has disappeared to a virus-ravaged western world. In a
journey that runs from Johannesburg to the Mozambique border, he first attempts
to find it's now secretive population, discovering just how much people’s lives
have changed and then chases a shadowy rumour through the African bush that may
provide the elusive cure. On the way he discovers just how cheap life is
in an otherwise beautiful land. Dog-eat-dog, live or die. He must live to


Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Gordon Clark