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You Must Have A Death Wish

By Matt Phillips

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How do you go from hustler to hitman?

When Moonie Sykes gets offered a meeting with Roberto 'Gato' Padilla, he thinks it's about moving some drugs. Turns out, Gato is offering a big payday for an even bigger job—kill some real estate prick named Larry Aces.

Sure Moonie's done people wrong before, just never so wrong they ended up dead. Call it moving on up...

This brutal noir sketches a world so crazy that only a rookie hitman could bless it with sanity. In You Must Have a Death Wish, prolific pulp writer Matt Phillips (Countdown, Know Me from Smoke, Three Kinds of Fool) crafts a tale of wretched violence and suitably inelegant redemption.

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ISBN: 978-1912526642

Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Matt Phillips