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The Ascension of the Seventh

By George Cutter

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Toby Whitman’s life is going nowhere. Stuck in the uneventful town he grew up in, Toby works as a high-school English teacher with aspirations of one day becoming a novelist. But when his humdrum life is abruptly shaken by a devastating diagnosis that challenges his attitude towards an existence long taken for granted, Toby is visited by the Sixth Incarnation of Death, who brings forth a disturbing revelation regarding his destiny.


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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

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  • macauleymaguire94


    2 years ago

    Brilliant read, had me hooked from page 1. Disturbing how much I can relate to Toby.

  • Brandon Stubbs

    Brandon Stubbs

    2 years ago

    A truly great story from start to finish, and written perfectly! Clutching at all available emotions throughout. It’s not normally the genre I would typically read but what a fantastic surprise! I couldn’t recommend it more!!

  • Ashleigh Gleave

    Ashleigh Gleave

    2 years ago

    Great read! Brilliantly written and had me hooked instantly. Would highly recommend this book!

George Cutter