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Bad Pet (His Pet Book 10)

By Jamie Knight

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We are tied together in more ways than one.
But as the ropes of fate tighten, I’m not sure I can get untangled.

I’ve met General Owen Lewis twice.
The second time was at McKenzie Tech, trying to broker a deal to save my job.
The first time, however, I deliberately got his attention at a particular club.
A club that no one knows I frequent.
Now we seem to be linked together by fate.
Not only am I keeping the secret of my identity from him,
I also have another big surprise.
The General’s twelve-year-old daughter is manipulating me to keep her from her father.
I’m used to con men, my father is one, but this girl has me bound.
To keep her safe, I must lie to her father— my lover.
I cannot escape my lust for Owen, so I keep seeing him with my mask on,
while I also try to help him find his daughter with the mask off.
Once my father finds out what’s going on, all hell breaks loose.
Everyone is controlling me and not the way I like.

General Lewis may be the answer to my prayers for a happy life,
But will he forgive me when he finds out how much I’ve held back?


I’m used to being obeyed. As a rich, general, my orders are unquestioned.
But this defiant, feisty woman has upended my world and things are never going to be the same.

My last visit to New York was eventful.
I made a deal to get my daughter to live with me and met the most defiant woman of my life.
Now both that woman and my daughter have me in a jumble.
From the moment that she got my attention, she has been fighting me for control.
That’s fine though, I love teaching her lessons and making sure she knows that I’m in charge.
She gives me everything but the secret of her identity.
However, the other side of my life is a mess.
Myah, my daughter, had run away.
Working on the contract with McKenzie Tech must stop until I find her.
New York City is a big place, so when Sloane and her coworkers offer to help, I insist.
There is something off about Sloane, though, and I can’t quite put my finger on it.
The only good part about this mess is that I can keep seeing my new masked fling.
She can keep her identity secret for now, but one day I hope she will give me everything,
maybe even her hand in marriage.
Yet, as the mess in my life untangles, the worst happens.
I get my daughter back, but lose my love.

I never expected my new fling to lie to me.
She might be the worst after all.

Bad Pet
is a full length standalone novel. Jamie Knight promises to always
bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any
cheating or cliffhangers!
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Jamie Knight