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By Elizabeth coffey

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Nestling between the affluent suburb of Burkes End and the slum known as Marshfield, proudly stood the mediocre village of Waddley Bottom. Home to average folk and two rival estate agencies, one of which being Hardman & Camp.

Zooming in behind the glass front we have lazy Lisa who hates her boring job at H&C but needs the money. Fresh out of Cardiff uni, desperate to impress, goody-two-shoes, Lucy. Rodney Root-whatever-his-name-was, the antiquated office supervisor. Nigel, the company co-founder/part-time comedian and big boss (literally) overweight, effeminate, Gary. 
Across the road we have Ladies’ man, OCD Richard, CEO for rivals Brangwin & Ball. Alongside him, his loyal protegee Dan, who is having a not so loyal secret affair with Lisa.

When a known local mansion comes up for grabs Gary will stop at nothing to bag the deal away from Richard, but – Richard stoops even lower. 

The superficially normal village of Waddley Bottom harbours a crazy world of lies, deceit and betrayal...

Will Lisa and Dan’s secret be revealed? Is Lucy as innocent as she makes out? Who will get the mansion deal Gary or Richard? Did squeaky clean Rodney really steal millions from the bank? Will Nigel be arrested for murder?


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Book Length: 60-150 Pages