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Sweet Pea Trilogy

By Mary Elizabeth Fricke

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one man she gave her virginity; to another, she gave her heart. One, she would
mourn. With the other, she would share life's triumph and turmoil. With both,
she would endure times of love, and passion, and complete happiness as well as
times of despair, confusion, and sorrow. One day at a time—each day, building
unforgettable memories.

Sweet Pea I: The Demise of Innocence (1968-70): At
seventeen Johnie is no longer a child but still full of virgin innocence—and
defiance.  She quickly learns growing up
involves a lot more than physical loss of her virginity.

Sweet Pea II: Time to Deceive (1973-74)   Johnie’s dream of happiness becomes a
nightmare where Brenda cackles while Johnie boils naked in a cauldron of pea
green soup. 

Sweet Pea III: The Price of
Passion (1984-1990) A secret part of Johnie’s soul survives nurturing the
memory of Jake. Fate strikes several more dramatic blows and once again,
everything changes.

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ISBN: 1980265933

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