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Lang's Return

By M. Lee Prescott

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On his reluctant return home for his parents’ fortieth anniversary, Lang Dillon’s life is changed forever on a dusty road in Saguaro Valley where he discovers Beth Morgan bent over her truck’s hood sobbing. Beth’s neat ordered life shattered, she turns to the sexy, handsome visitor for comfort and finds more than she bargained for as their white-hot romance develops.

Should Beth risk her heart again when Lang heads home to Boston in less than two weeks? Stay away she tells herself, but that proves impossible and Beth’s risks a broken heart once again. As a teenager, Lang could not get out of Saguaro fast enough, but this time it’s not so easy. Can he go back to the life he loves, leaving behind the beautiful woman he adores, the woman who has rocked his world as no woman ever has?
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages