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Jeb's Promise

By M. Lee Prescott

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Spark Foster drags his daughter Amy kicking and screaming on an extended vacation to Morgan’s Run. Sworn off men after a painful break-up, Amy takes a ride with adorably cute, wrangler Jeb Barnes and her broken heart skips more than one beat! Jeb is grieving the loss of his “almost fiancée,” and his white hot attraction to the beautiful stranger from Portland shakes him to the core.

Like moths to flames, neither can stay away from each other as they work side-by-side at Emma’s Dream, a camp for handicapped kids. As her vacation ends, Amy must face the hardest decision of her life-- walking away from Jeb and Emma’s Dream as well as four-year old Toby Cooper, a foster child, who has captured her heart and Jeb’s so completely.
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

M. Lee Prescott