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You Can't Ruin Christmas (Snowflake Creek)

By Olivia Noble

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Dumped and devastated, my holidays were turning into a total trainwreck...

my handsome, hockey player roommate steps in with a plan. He's going to
volunteer his services as my personal trainer, so I can get a revenge
body and make my ex regret leaving me. But during our long, sweaty
sessions at the gym, I find myself becoming more and more attracted to
His muscles are enough to make any girl swoon. He is sweet and caring with a panty-melting smile.
Did I mention he's my ex's brother?
Ignoring that, Sven might manage to save my Christmas from being an utter disaster, after all.

and fun, over-the-top romantic comedy. Guaranteed HEA, laughter, and
warm and fuzzy feelings. Snowflake Creek is short and sweet so you can
enjoy anytime!
♥ Grab it now for some cozy holiday magic, and heroes hotter than a cup of hot cocoa! ♥

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ASIN: B08277T1G9

Book Length: 60-150 Pages

Olivia Noble