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Long Enough to Love You

By Kirsten Pursell

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Jenn, fifty-something and empty-nesting, feels like a donut: whole on the outside but missing the middle. The deafening sound of silence in the picture-perfect, oversized home she shares with a husband who does not see her makes the voices arguing in her head hard to ignore. One voice tells her to stay because safe and simple is good; another says leave so you can be the version of yourself not defined by others. The thought of ever after without happily feels like purgatory.

The chance discovery of her long-forgotten diaries unearths memories of a first love long buried, reminders that the most beautiful love is sometimes wasted on the young. Her words become a very real reminder of everything first love had been when she reconnects with Tripp in unexpected ways.

Long Enough to Love You follows Jenn - a courageous yet vulnerable protagonist - as she dissects and unpacks her marriage in an emotional journey to stay true to herself despite societal norms and middle-age stereotypes that would suggest otherwise.

The BookFest Second Place Award Contemporary Romance (Spring 2023)
A Literary Titan Gold Book Award Winner (2023)
Reader's Favorite 5 Stars (2023)
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Kirsten Pursell